My Dearest Teree,

Thank you for being a kind and loving sister. You were always the gentle one of us all. You never let anything bother you and always had a smile on your face and a kind word to say. As Mom would always say, Therese is a musha mush, nothing bothers her.

Theresa, thank you for being a kind and loving Aunt. You always had a great big kiss and hug for my sons Michael and James and made them feel loved and special. But then you made all those who knew you feel special too!

I admire you beyond words, as over these last two years, you have had to endure the unthinkable. And Theresa, as only you can do, you never complained. You always took the brighter road and hoped for the best and endured what God sent your way right to the end.You are a true beacon of light.

I know that you are now with Mom, Dad, Christie, Grandpa and the whole gang. Happy again, fully healed looking like the beautiful Theresa we all know and love.

You are etched in our hearts forever. I love you......

Your loving sister, Josie

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Josephine Ghiringhelli and Ryan Brown 2003