JOSEPHINE HAS TWO SONS, MICHAEL AND JAMES WHO ARE BOTH OLD SOULS. The loves of her life... ON OCTOBER 4TH, 2009, Josephine’s beloved son, JAMES GHIRINGHELLI, BORN, July 11TH, 1988, crossed over to the other side. (NO WORDS can EVER describe how this loss has had its impact on her but Josephine thru these difficult times needed to write a bio about her beloved son James to give you a look into who he was here on earth, ALSO, go to DEDICATION page on this web site to read her personal feelings for her beloved child) James’ FB FAN PAGE LINK: The Music of James Ghiringhelli PLEASE JOIN THIS SITE IN SUPPORT OF JAMES’ MUSIC

Personal note about my son Michael: Mike was born February 2nd, 1984, my first born, a triple Aquarian, with a heart of gold. Right from the beginning he possessed a gentle and healing quality that was noticed by all. He has the ability to make you feel special, when in his presence; you would think there is no one else who exists. Mike is a free spirit if ever there was one, to a fault!! He would always want to give his toys away (and he did, no kidding) until Mom went and got them back. Today, he helps those in need with a pure heart. With no exaggeration, he has one of the kindest, gentlest hearts I have the good fortune to know. He is truly a shining example of what unconditional love is all about. I admire him so much and am proud to call him my son. I know in this lifetime, Mike being that triple Aquarian, I must share him with the world which is very hard for me to do, especially now. This is one of my life lessons for sure. Michael was always very protective of his beloved brother James; their bond could not be broken. That bond now remains forever in spirit.

Small Bio Michael has many gifted abilities and an extremely inventive mind. He writes poetry and dabbles in creative writing in subjects such as Sci-fi and Fantasy. Mike has a sense of humor that precedes him. This year, 2010, Mike intends on self-publishing some of that humor into a book. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. Michael enjoys cooking, fishing, golfing and is an extremely active participant in his hiking group which he attends on a regular basis.

In 2003 – 2004 Michael was the announcer and assistant at Josephine's "SPIRIT OF THE HEART", Group Bereavement Seminars. Michael has the gift of The Visionary. Mike, as a child, was always eager to participate in the Tarot classes his Mom taught over the years. At the early age of nine (9), Josephine started to give Michael private lessons on the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed.

2010 Michael is now attending college full time at Virginia Western, he holds a 3.5 average and plans to be a Mechanical Engineer.

TO MY BELOVED JAMES: My heart is broken and I will NEVER be the same. There are NO WORDS that can describe a loss as great as loosing a child. I will spend the rest of my life missing you JAMES!!!! But, you know that. I now treasure the strong messages you give to me in spirit EVERYDAY. I just couldn’t stand it if you didn’t. I thank you, my love, for letting me hear you and letting me see you in my dreams so I can hold and kiss you over and over again. You will always be my baby. So, my dear child, keep letting me be a Mama for you. Guide me; show me the way, to fulfill the higher purpose that is meant to be achieved thru your soul’s journey to the other side. I will NEVER TRULY UNDERSTAND why you have been taken away from us. Give me the strength to move forward for your brother Mike, he loved you so. With all I have within me, I promise to make you proud and keep your memory alive. No mother could have ever asked for a better son. Now I MUST be strong for your loving brother as it has ALWAYS BEEN the three of us together united. NOW, we will be united IN SPIRIT with you James.


James Anthony Ghiringhelli
July 11, 1988 - October 04, 2009

ON OCTOBER 4TH, 2009, Josephine’s beloved son, JAMES GHIRINGHELLI, crossed over to the other side. James was just 21 years old when his beautiful soul rose into the white light.  Although James is not here physically, his spirit lives on thru his music and the ever lasting effects he has had in the many lives he touched here on earth.   He was truly an old soul who lived his life to the fullest in the short time he was here on earth. James had so many dreams for his future but amazingly had already accomplished being an actor, singer and songwriter, as well as a talented and sensitive individual. 

As early as the third grade, James being the intense and creative youngster that he was, chose to express himself through acting.  He began in local theater and gradually progressed to major roles in musicals such as Grease and Godspell, to name a few. Acting was James’ passion and his dream was to be on the big screen. Growing up, he spent countless hours in drama class and on stage where he captivated audiences through many lead roles. His sense of humor, huge smile and electric personality truly preceded him.  If there was a standing ovation to be had he got it!!! 

Later on, in James’ High School years, he learned to play the guitar and so his passion for music began.  It was also at this time that the songwriting and poetry became a huge part of his life.  All of James’ songs sprung from deep within his soul, so the words were embedded in his consciousness and burned within his memory.  That is where many unwritten songs will remain forever.  The songs he composed before he crossed over were written shortly after the break-up of a relationship and were recorded just months before James crossed during several jam sessions.  Josephine then carefully compiled these songs and put them on a CD for all to hear.

James’ songs reflected his raw emotions that sprang forth from his difficult experiences he went through the last year of his life. His passion for music kept him going and writing his songs and music allowed him to express himself in such a way that gave him an immense sense of peace.  It is his mother’s hope that those who listen will be able to understand what he was going thru that last year of his life. For more information on James’ music, please visit:

FB FAN PAGE:   The Music of James Ghiringhelli 
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Aside from the arts, James furthered important causes and in 2003, he and his brother Michael participated in a breast cancer research fundraiser for the Carol Baldwin Foundation here on Long Island at the Sport Center in Lake Grove and both received letters of recognition for their important work within this cause. For more information on a cause very important to Michael and James, please visit:

As all James’ friends and family will attest, he impacted all those who knew him in a positive way, bringing joy and laughter into each life he touched. To know James was to love him.

A MOTHER’S LOVE – A Personal Note from Josephine:

It is not easy for me to recount the last days of my son James’ life, but I feel it is beneficial to others that I do so.  I know James agrees.

James spent most of his life here on Long Island, but a few days after his 21st birthday, he ventured out to Virginia to be with his father, his step mother Lori, brothers Michael and Matthew, and sisters Alex and Lauren. Although James was torn about leaving me on Long Island, we both knew it was time for him to branch out. Shortly after moving to Virginia, James found a good job, and even got promoted within just a few weeks. I then decided to look for a house in Virginia for my sons James and Michael, and me, to live.

My last visit to Virginia was September 18th through the 22nd, 2009. During this precious time, James was happy about everything in his life. We shared many hours talking about his future, and I thank God we had these moments together. Tragically, on October 4th, 2010, I received a call that is a mothers’ worst nightmare, the call that changed my life forever, that my beloved son James was gone.  There are no words that could ever describe the pain that ran through my body at that moment, horror, despair, sorrow, anger.  I could never have imagined that in one split second a human being could feel so many emotions all at the same.  I felt like my body was ripping open from the inside out.  No parent should EVER loose a child before they leave this world.  They are the very reason we continue to experience joy in our lives.  With that said…

My Jamsie made such a difference in so many people’s lives. At his wake, there were literally hundreds of people who came to pay their respects, and the lines went out the door and down the block. I know he was there in spirit, I could feel his presence.

Daily, my beloved son comes to me with messages. He talks to me about what it is like on the other side. He makes sure, either directly, or through others, that he sends me love to get me through the day. If you knew James you would understand how he could do this for me, he was relentless in life, honest to the core..  When James loved, he loved deep, with all his heart and soul.  So, nothing he does on the other side surprises me.

One of the miracles that James made happen for me, just weeks after he passed, was to get a reading from a well known medium and good friend. My friend, who shall remain nameless, confirmed who pulled James in and who he was with on the other side and many facts of my James’ life.  As if that wasn’t enough, he referenced Washington, D.C. and the Monument.  This blew me away; as he had no idea how important that very fact was to me.  Why? Because, my beloved son referenced facts about D.C. after he passed to me in private, NO ONE knew this but me.  The info given to me at that reading made me, for the moment, the happiest Mama in the world cause I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my James’ soul was right in that room at that very moment in time.

For all of you reading this right now, you must understand, even though I do this for a living, I’m just like anyone of you.  I needed to know and hear from my beloved sons facts to put some of the broken pieces of my heart back into my chest so I could go on.  My friend knew that, which is why he dropped everything to give me my sanity back and read for me for literally hours.  When you loose a child, it feels like you’ve lost your mind.  SO, to say he put my mind at ease would be an understatement.  What he gave to me will last a lifetime.  I will be forever grateful, forever grateful!!!

As a mother, it’s very difficult for me to discuss the circumstances surrounding my son’s passing. However, knowing the type of person James was, and still is in spirit, he would want some benefit to come out of this terrible tragedy. During the last year of his life, James valiantly fought a drug addiction with all his might, but he eventually lost this battle. Therefore, in an effort to continue James’ fight against the horrible drug epidemic sweeping Long Island, we are offering a yearly scholarship in James' memory to help students pave the way for a purposeful future and help them to achieve their goals. Please click on the link for more information on the James Ghiringhelli Memorial Fund, "Strings of Life" scholarship, CLICK HERE and go directly to Scholarship.


I want to thank God for bringing my beloved son into my life for the 21 years that I had him. James was a true gift to me, his family, friends and all those who knew and loved him. I will never comprehend why his precious soul was taken so early. To quote a line from his song, “Hey over there…can you hear me now? I just needed to tell you I love you…” We can hear you James and we all love you, too. I will miss you for the rest of my life. Keep your spirit messages coming, my son! Keep them coming….

I also want to thank my wonderful son Michael Ghiringhelli and loyal brother to James. Michael, having you in my life gives me strength, endurance and purpose to keep going and to make his CD a reality. As you very well know, James guided me every step of the way and put the right people in my path to make it happen. He loved and admired you all the days of his life.

More Information about James Ghiringhelli can be found at the following:

It is here on the fan page that information will be posted as to where you can find James’ CD and when his record release BENEFIT will be held.

Facebook: Josephine Ghiringhelli, Psychic Medium FAN page, or visit

Starting June 2010, The James Ghiringhelli Memorial Fund, "Strings of Life" scholarship will be awarded to a dedicated Newfield High School (James’ alma mater) student in the performing arts field. It is my hope to continue this scholarship each year, but I do need your help. It will be through your donations that we can keep this annual scholarship going. We also have a web site, which is now in the development stages, where you can read all about James. Future events will also be listed in detail.

Again, if you wish to see where all proceeds from James’ music is going you can visit on a yearly basis the official Middle Country Central School District Scholarships and Awards booklet.  CLICK HERE to go right to the scholarship pamphlet.

Please also take a moment to email us at if you wish to be put on the mailing list to receive info about future events, benefits and fundraisers to be held in James' memory and/or if you would like to be a volunteer – we could really use your help! Or, call631.384.9306 for more information.  

If you wish to donate, please send checks to:

James Ghiringhelli Memorial Fund, "Strings of Life” Scholarship
P.0. Box 293
Selden, NY11784
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Ms. Ghiringhelli, in 2002/2003, was the resident psychic with the renowned "Morning Radio host Malibu Sue from WLIR FM [92.7)."

In 2004 – 2010, Josephine has been the resident psychic with the renowned  “Morning Radio host Phathead from WMJC FM [94.3.)"

Josephine’s Background:
1978 to present - Psychology is Josephine's passion, she has dedicated many years in the study of human potential behavior. Josephine began her metaphysical studies from 1978 to present. Her studies began in New York City and then on to Lake George presently on the Island. In 1991, she was ordained Reiki Minister here on Long Island through the Loving Touch Center and is a Reiki II practitioner. 

In 1994, Josephine graduated from Alternative Technologies as a Clinically Advanced Hypnotherapist. She attended Stony Brook University from 1999 -2000, and holds certifications as an Adolescent Specialist. Josephine graduated from the New York Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in l999 and earned a degree as an Addictions Counselor in the year 2000.

One of Josephine’s goals is to complete her book which encompasses her life’s journeys.  She has been inspired to incorporate the unbelievable messages and stories that continue to surround her since the passing of her beloved son James on October 4th, 2009.  Josephine feels that by sharing her experiences it will help those who have lost a child.  She has had thousands of inquiries over the years as to when her personal book will be out.  It is Josephine’s belief, that when the time is right, all of the exact synchronicities will take place for the perfect publisher to appear for the book to be published and reach the masses.   
Ms. Ghiringhelli, having done thousands of private readings, lectures and appearances throughout the country, has been sought out by high officials, celebrities and corporate level clients seeking her insight and guidance.  Josephine's heart will forever remain with the thousands of clients and students from all walks of life that have crossed her path over the years.

Psychology and metaphysics being Josephine's background, brings with it a unique quality that is sought after by the educational system. She has been asked to lecture on numerous occasions in various school districts and has always gladly accepted the opportunity.

For years, Josephine has been dedicated her time to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation and various charities to raise funds for the cause.  Josephine is so proud of her work with the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation to raise funds towards the cure because her two sons Michael and James worked by her side. She continues to be very involved in raising awareness through Fund Raising and gladly welcomes requests to participate in your cause… 
Josephine feels honored to have been asked to teach at Hofstra University College for continuing education beginning from 2003 – 2006. She has received the highest commendations from Marion Flomenhaft, M.S., Director of Arts, Culture and Leisure.

1990-2010, Ms. Ghiringhelli, has been teaching PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES for the last 20 years at varying locations.  She now teaches at the Enchanting Cottage in Bluepoint, New York.  Her web site calendar lists all of her classes and events in detail.

2008, Josephine was published in PULSE MAGAZINE, at which time, she wrote a major article on Psychic Predictions.
In 1992/93, Josephine was the columnist for a publication called, "Nightngale News".  In 1994/95, Josephine also wrote a column for the newsletter, "Long Island Psychic".  In both, Josephine inspired thousands with her spiritual advice, guidance and direction. 

Josephine has appeared numerous times on such cable shows as, "The Dave Perillo Public Community Networking," where she was interviewed based on her metaphysical and spiritual life experiences.

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:  Josephine Ghiringhelli, Psychic Medium, Become a FAN!!
It is here that detailed information about where and when Josephine will be making her appearances will be posted.



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