James Anthony Ghiringhelli
Sunrise: July 11, l988 ~ Sunset: Oct 04, 2009
Born: Glen Falls, New York

My beloved son James Anthony Ghiringhelli left this world on October 4th, 2009.

James was 18 months old when we decided to move from Warrensburg to Long Island to be closer to the family. At that time, we were traveling from Warrensburg to Long Island every other weekend.

James attended the North Bicycle Pre-school, New Lane Grammar School and Newfield High School.

James was a natural born actor. He went to Acting School from first grade thru high school years and was in plays, such as Grease, where he had the lead role as Danny Zuko. He was on stage at the Bellport Theatre where he also had the lead role in Godspell. He proved to have a voice which amazed me and all the supporters who came to see him. There was no doubt in my mind that James was an exceptionally talented child.

James was in High School when he was taught the guitar, which became his love. He began to write his own songs and lyrics which I now have on CD.

James spent most of his life here on Long Island. A few short days after his 21st birthday, James asked if he could venture out to Virginia to live for awhile. James’ father Robert, his wife Lori, and James’ brothers Michael, his lifelong protector who James adored, looked up to and followed around from the day he could take his first steps, Mathew who looked up to James, his big brother, and sisters Alex and Lauren who adored James, and who he loved very much all lived in Boonesmill, Va.

James was always very protective of me and felt he never wanted to leave Long Island because that meant he would be leaving me. James always said he had two girls in his life, his Mama, and his precious Shitzu dog Destiny. However, it was time for him to venture out. When James decided he would stay in Virginia, I went down to find a beautiful home for my two boys Mike, James and me to live in.

Very shortly after being in Virginia, James found a job at Buffalo Wild Wings working with his sister Alex, and loved it. He was so happy they had grown closer to each other over the years, and developed a special bond. Just weeks after working there he was to get his promotion which he was ecstatic about. My last visit to Va. was Sept. 18th to Sept. 22nd. James was so happy about everything in his life. We had a wonderful week and shared many hours talking about his life and future. I thank God we had this time with each other. On October 4th, a few days later, 12 to be exact, I received the call that my beloved son James had passed away.

My James made a difference in so many peoples lives. At his wake, there were literally hundreds of people who came to pay their respects to him. The lines went out the door down the block. I know he was there in spirit, I could feel his presence.

Everyday my beloved son comes to me with messages beyond belief. He talks to me about what it is like on the other side. He makes sure, either directly, or thru others, that he sends me a message to get me thru the day.

One of the miracles that James made happen for me was to get a reading from a well known medium and friend who confirmed the very things my son had been telling me about what it is like on the other side. The Medium confirmed facts of who James was with on the other side and facts about the here and now. He put my mind and heart at ease. I will be forever grateful to you my friend.

I thank God I had my son for the years that were allowed for him to bring the true meaning of happiness and purpose into my life. I love you so much my Jamsie boy, you are in my heart forever…

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© Josephine Ghiringhelli and Ryan Brown 2003