Both of my parents left this world on December 4th, 2001 within an hour of each other. I have been reading for people for many years and I have NEVER EVER heard of a story like the one that I am about to share with you now....

My dad began showing signs of Alzheimer's from the age of 79. Although a gradual process it robbed him slowly of his mind and his dignity. My Mom, 67 at the time, began the journey of caring for her beloved. Over the next seven years, yes, seven years, her worn body began to feel its' wrath. Her breathing was so shallow and strained that we had to take her to the hospital which she fought because she did not want to leave my dad. Well, much to her dismay, she was scheduled for emergency triple by-pass surgery. Truly, her concern now was for her beloved husband Christie. She said, "What will he do without me?" She got through the surgery successfully and her only concern upon awakening was, how daddy was doing?

My siblings and I cared for my dad around the clock in their home, however, his only desire was to have his JEANNINE by his side. Her name was all he would speak even though there was little or no mind left, one thing he knew for sure, his Jeannine was not there. She was all he knew, asked for and cared about at this point. He stopped eating and drinking and we had no choice but to bring him to St. Charles. He was dying.

My Mom, after surgery, knew in her heart something was terrible wrong but the kids did not want to tell her that daddy was in the hospital. We wanted her to heal and get better. We were not ready to let Mom go. Mom and Dad could read each other like a book, they were telepathically linked together from the moment their eyes met 58 years ago in France. She knew he was fading and he knew somewhere deep inside of him that he wanted her with him.

Mom got released from Stony Brook just a few days later at which time she said take me straight to your father right away. We drove her to St. Charles and when she walked in the room, his eyes opened wide welled up with tears of pure joy, and a smile came from deep within his soul for he knew he had his Jeannine back.

Mom would have stayed all night but after a short time we insisted she come back to the house where my brother and I had her for three blessed days. On the third day, she was awoken at 6 am by my son's alarm. I now know that was truly a gift from God as we talked for hours. Mom, cried and she said she did not know why. Mom was not a cryer at all. She was strong and was proud of that quality all her life. She was so sad about what dad had been going through for years and felt so sad that he was suffering without her by his side. She said what will dad do without me in heaven? In her heart she also felt what will she do with him. They were twin flames. They were inseparable in life and they both felt somewhere deep inside that they could not be separated by death?????

By 11am the visiting nurse came and took everyother staple out of my moms chest which is usual procedure after bypass surgery. My Mom asked the nurse if she was OK to go see dad at the Hospital and the nurse said yes. She couldn't wait to see him again knowing that he must be suffering without her. As I began putting her coat on she looked deep into my eyes and her eyes rolled back, she turned blue and died in my arms. What I did not know was that my dad had just passed 42 minutes before at the St. Charles hospital.

It is my belief, that my dad surely came to take her soul with him to cross over into the white light.
They were laid out head to head in the funeral parlor. They were together again the way they both wanted to be. So be it......

I share this with you to honor my parents and in the hopes that it may help you to understand that we are always connected to our loved ones. 

They leave their skin and bones behind, but their spirit is always with us. The "SPIRIT OF THE HEART", lives within us forever.

I dedicate my life's journey to my beloved parents Christie and Jeannine Masone.

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Josephine Ghiringhelli and Ryan Brown 2003